Harvest information must be entered into ISportmsman even if you have entered it into the State database.  Failure to do so will result in loss of hunting privileges.

ANTERLESS DEER HARVEST – Total Antlerless Harvesting is monitored daily on ISPORTSMAN and hunting dates are in accordance with Alabama State Regulations and Hunting Dates on Public Lands. Total antlerless deer harvesting shall not exceed a total CAP of 70 animals of which 25 animals shall come from Training Areas 12-18, 19W-41 (South of Hwy 27), and 20 animals shall come from areas 1-11 (North of Hwy  27) and 25 animals in the bow only areas A-I, 19E.  When harvest quota has been reached for an area, antlerless harvest shall cease in that area.

13 of 20 antlerless deer have been harvested North of Highway 27 (TA  1-11)

25 of 25 antlerless deer have been harvested South of Highway 27 ( TA 12-18, 19W-41). Capacity has been arched in these areas.

12 of 25 antlerless deer have been harvestded in the Bow Areas (TA A-I, 19E)

BUCK HARVEST – 1 Buck per day, 3 points on one side minimum, 2 each per season maximum

DEER BOW & GUN HUNTS – Archery Areas should remain open for Bow Hunting according to Alabama Bow Season Hunting dates on Public Land. Deer Gun Hunts should open and close according to Alabama Game Law on Public Lands.

CHECK STATION REQUIREMENT – It is mandatory that all harvested deer be checked in and documented at a designated check-in point for weight documentation and must be reported in the new ISPORTSMAN online game check program. Hunters are also required to submit an inside mouth photo to Natural Resources (daniel.m.spillers.civ@army.mil) of all harvested deer to clearly reveal the “lower jaw rear teeth”. Should hunters be discovered not reporting online a harvested deer within 24 hours, their permit shall be revoked for one (1) year following the offense.


Senior Citizen, 100 Disabled, E1-E4 and Incentive Permits Require Validation at ODR and Must be Obtained at ODR.  Other Permits can be Purchased Online.


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Alabama Hunting License and Hunter Education Certification Also Required to Hunt on Fort Rucker

Please send pictures of harvested bucks to daniel.m.spillers.civ@army.mil!